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Illuminate your space with the latest lighting styles. Diffuse gloomy corners with a contemporary table lamp and accent awkwards corners with a beautiful floor lamp. Light up your space with ceiling lights that will create a warm and homely ambience. If you just want a quick update out Easy Fit shades are perfect to refresh your space in matter of seconds.

Natural Tahlia Easy Fit Pendant Lamp Shade (656761) | 1,820 UAH
Grey Tahlia Easy Fit Pendant Lamp Shade (991525) | 1,820 UAH
Natural Oslo Easy Fit Lamp Shade (670206) | 1,260 UAH
Pink Tahlia Pom Pom Easy Fit Chandelier (M61948) | 1,260 UAH
Multi Iridescent Star Easy Fit Shade (205700) | 504 UAH
Grey Bellagio Easy Fit Lamp Shade (A64810) | 1,400 UAH
Monochrome Metal Football Easy Fit Shade (587889) | 672 UAH
Natural Painted Rattan Woven Easy Fit Shade (121346) | 952 UAH
Pink Tahlia Easy Fit Chandelier (290076) | 1,400 UAH
Natural Tahiti Easy Fit Shade (373849) | 1,176 UAH
Smoke Isla Ombre Easy Fit Lamp Shade (172228) | 784 UAH
Multi Iridescent Ombre Easy Fit Shade (A19242) | 784 UAH